Solutions for the Apparel Decoration Business

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Features ART-E30 ART-D60 ART-D80
Application Features
Context Ribbons Bars, Skinnable UI, Multiple Design Documents
Large Undo Levels
Redo Function and Remember (Undo Mark)
AutoSave Designs
View Options & Tools
Configurable View tools: Zoom, Grid/Sub-Grid, Ruler, Auto-Scroll, etc.
Guidelines: Horizontal, Vertical, Any Angle, Circular, Elliptical
Simulation of Designs while working
Highlight Object with Focus
Synchronized Windows
Document Map with Object Sequence Edition
Document Map with Connect / Branch
Object Inspector (Object Properties Editor)
Vector Objects Sequence with Edition, Group and Combine
Embroidery Objects Sequence with Edition, Group, Connect and Branch
Stitch List View with Edition
Navigation Bar with Stitch Visibility and Slow Redraw
Navigation Bar with Color Sequence Edition
Satellite View
Simulation View
Quick Browsers / Catalogs
Designs Folders (Native format and Machine Format)
Vector Graphics & Bitmap Images
Embroidery Motifs Library
Memory List (Read & Write Blocks)
Drag & Drop from Catalogs
Productivity Tools
Infocard with File and Design Properties Edition
Print Embroidery Designs, Print Formats
Embroidery Production Orders: Time Estimation
Embroidery Production Orders: Pricing, Quotes
Lettering System
Advanced Lettering: Multi-Line Text, Multi-Color Text
Text from Pre-Digitized System Fonts and from True Type Fonts
Save Custom Text Fill Stitches Styles
Use and Save Custom Text Layouts: Arcs, Stair, Regular box, Elastic Box, etc
Move and Rezise Individual Letters
Break Up Text into Objects/Sections
Text Effects for TTF: Shadow, Perspective, Offset, etc.
Create Custom Text Effects Styles for TTF
Advanced Fill Styles for TTF
Produce Team Names Designs
Produce Monogram Design
With Pattern Fills Only
With Running Stitch, ZigZag & Pattern Fills
Photo-Stitching (B&W + Color)
Cross Stitch
Digitizing Modes / Objects Input Methods
Standard Manual Digitizing with Arcs & Bezier Curves
Hand Free Digitizing with smart shapes
Use Basic Geometric Shapes, Sizeable & Editable
Use Auto-Shapes, Settable, Sizeable & Editable
Use Vector Figures
Auto-Trace on Raster Images Regions
Interactive-Trace on Raster Images Regions
Complex Colors Box for Tracing Raster Images Regions
Fill Stitches on Paths/Lines
Manual Stitch
Running Stitch
Zig Zag, E, EE, SQ
Programable Stitches
Longitudinal Stitches
Fill Stitches on Columns
Zig Zag
Longitudinal Stitches
Elastic Uniform (Hand & Math), Graphic & Mixed Patterns
Elastic Programable Stitches
Elastic Fur Fill Stitches
Plain Fill Stitches on Areas w/Holes
Uniforms (Hand & Math), Graphic & Mixed Patterns
Programmable Stitches
Stipple (Running stitches)
Cross Stitches
Spiral Running Stitches
Color Photo Stitch
Turning (Elastic) Fill Stitches on Areas
Zig Zag Stitches
E, EE, SQ Stitches
Longitudinal Stitches
Elastic Uniform (Hand & Math), Graphic & Mixed Patterns
Elastic Programmable Stitches
Elastic Fur Fill Stitches
Flexible Fill Stitches on Areas w/Holes
Flexible Running Stitches (2 straight/curved directions)
Macro Running Stitches
Macro Zig-Zag Stitches
Macro E, EE, SQ Stitches
Macro Programmable Stitches
Fuild Fill Stitches
Fill Stitches for Speciality Machines
Path with Chenille Line
Chenille Area Grid
Chenille Area Loop
Path with Sequin
Spiral Sequin Area
Flexible Sequin Area
Fill Stitches Fine Adjustments
Material: Create and Edit. Select Stitch Settings by Material
Full Configurable Underlay Stitches Basic and Complex Types
Pull Compensation, Corner Compensation, Short Stitches, Auto-Split
Corner Types & Auto-Corner for Zig Zag
Overlap and Underpath Settings
Filter for Small Stitches
Complex Objects, Complementary Properties
Area Borderline with Running, Zig-Zag, E Stitches, Prog. Stitches
Area Borderline with Sequin
Area Borderline with Chenille
Commands Inserted In, Before/After Objects
Lock Stitches at the Start/End point of Object/Section
Fill Stitches Effects
Jagged Edges (randomize border)
Color Grading & Blending (variable stitch density)
BackStep & AdvanceStep on Running Stitch
Repeat Stitches on Zig-Zag (highlight effect)
Sweep Stitches Angle on Path Zig-Zag
Path Ends, Termination Shapes
Path Width: Variable Width (fireworks) & Width Modulation (waves)
Stitch Blocks Editing
Select by: Color, Start-End, Rectangle, Contourn, Detection (RS, ZZ, Patern)
Move, Rotate, Scale (wo/ density compensation), Mirror
Envelope distortion (bridge, panoramic, etc)
Stitch Blocks Processing & Effects
Scale (w/ density compensation), Change Density, ZZ Width, Pattern, etc.
Filter Small stitches, Smooth Borders, Randomize Borders
Convert ZigZag to Pattern and viceversa
Effects: Globe, Lens, Noise, Speed, Explosion, Custom Grid
System Components for Embroidery
Pre-Digitized Embroidery Motifs 175 175 175
Pre-Digitized Lettering Fonts 112 112 112
Pre-Digitized Monogramming Fonts 35 35 35
Uniform Patterns (Hand) 80 80 80
Uniform Patterns (Math) 150 150 150
Graphic Patterns 120 120 120
Mixed Patterns 70 70 70
Programmable Stitches 160 160 160
Pre-Digitized Textures 0 40 40
Embroidery Components Builders
Ornament/Motifs Builder
Hand, Math & Graphic Patterns Editor
Mixed Patterns Editor (Masks & Mixed)
Programmable Stitches Builder
Font Builder Standard
Font Builder from TTF
Raster Images Tools
Font Builder from TTF
Open and Save Raster Image Files, different formats
Move, Resize, Rotate an Image
Vectorize (convert Raster to Vector)
Vector Images Tools
Open and Save Vector Graphic Files, different formats
Drawing Tools (Pen, Line, Fill, Shapes, etc)
Edit Figure Envelope (resize, rotate, move, color, etc) and Nodes
Group, Ungroup and Combine Figures
Sort (to back, to front) Figures
Special Graphics Import/Export
Open / Get from Corel Files (CorelDraw® required)
Scan, Capture a Raster Image
Imaging: Complete Raster and Vector Images tool
Companion Apps: Embroidery Explorer
Browse: View, Copy, Convert, Export, Search, Print and more
Collections: Create, Organize and Print design collections
Hotfix Add-Ons
Creation and Edition Tools for Hotfix Designs
Hotfix Machine Driver Add-On (Specific for Brand and/or Model)
Optional Packs: Advanced Fill, Color Fill, Effects, Compatibility
Input Filters (Specific for each file type)
Rhinestone / Sequin Rotation
Included Preferred Levels
Optional Extra Levels