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Ask us about current promotions. We can offer you a very convenient promotion to trade-in your existing software products (any brand, any level) and you can keep that product, in addition to other very special promotions.


About No Refund Policy

Unless otherwise specified, digitally delivered goods (or digital products, non-tangible goods) including software subscriptions, plugins, drivers, components, designs, among others are not returnable after purchase. We do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished and the digital product download link or password link is sent.

All products are sold “as they are”. You assume the responsibility for your purchase, and no refunds will be issued.

Do not purchase any digital good before testing it previously, to determine if it fits your needs.

Functional demonstration of most software configurations are available at no cost for potential customers. As demonstrations offer similar functionality as the commercial products; we strongly suggest to use the demonstration to evaluate if it has the features, functionality, quality and performance that you require before purchasing the commercial products.

It is not possible to offer refund on digital products because we cannot revert the transaction. Once the digital products (files, passwords, etc) have been delivered, we cannot disable or cancel them. The customer can continue using them and there is no way to stop it.

About Payment Currency

The payment processing of this e-commerce site for credit cards (not for Paypal) is provided by

According to this service, Sierra Software must define the prices in Pesos (our local currency) while the prices you see in this website are expressed in dollars (for your correct understanding).

As the currency rate changes frequently (even during the same day), you will probably receive a charge slightly smaller or higher depending on the currency rate of the moment.

Then please consider the price mentioned in this site as an approximate value.

About Fraud Prevention

To prevent credit card frauds, your IP address has been recorded.