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The best professional line of embroidery software products

With its innovative, unique features, Embroidery Office is a very user-friendly software, intuitive and easy to learn, regardless of how creatively demanding of the design needs are.

Priced accordingly to the features you can only find in professional software of this level and quality, Embroidery Office is the right product for the apparel decorator with industrial equipment and high production needs.

Use Artwork from any Source

The digitizing process can start from a bitmap/raster graphic file, from a vector graphic, (obtained from websites or created in other commercial graphics applications), from photo images obtained with a camera or scanner, or from images or vectors imported from other graphics applications.

The digitizing process can also start from drawings created in the application itself.

Almost any graphic source is a good one to start!

Use your artwork
vector objects processing action

Vector Objects Processing

Vector objects imported from graphics files, from other graphics applications or created within the application, can be individually modified (shape, layout, dimension) and they can be also modified as blocks.

Vector objects can also be combined as an union, subtraction, simplification, etc. allowing the creation of more complex objects.

Smart Design

Smart design tool accelerates the design creation and editing.

It allows to create objects with the selected embroidery fill style with a simple click on vector objects.

It also offers the fastest way to select the embroidery object type to use when digitizing on raster images.

In addition, smart design tool can be used on editing, to convert between different object types with a single click.

Smart Design
Synchronized Multiple Views

Synchronized Multiple-views

Embroidery Office offers several visual ways to present the information of the objects that constitute the design.

The work area is the main view; it shows all objects graphically in their location on the design.

Complementary views include the design map, the sequence view, the list of elements, the satellite view and the simulation view.

Whenever you create or modify an object, all views are updated automatically.

The Object Inspector

Each time the user creates or edits an object, the main fill properties are shown in the ribbon bar, above the work area.

Most fill types have many advanced features that are not included on the ribbon bar.

The Object Inspector is a tool that allows you to view and edit all the properties of the fill type.

Object Inspector
Objects Editing (Fill Properties)

Objects Editing

Design objects are fully editable, individually or in groups.

You can move, scale rotate and modify the object's shape easily, graphically or by using precise tools.

Fill styles can be adjusted according to your preferences, changing their properties as much as necessary to get the expected result.

When an object is modified, the system automatically recalculates the stitches to reflect the changes made.

Lettering System with Pre-Digitized Fonts

The lettering system includes a library of fonts digitized by expert designers.

You just need to insert texts by simply typing it and select the preferred font.

Letters in your texts are also editable: you can change the layout, scale and position of each letter individually.

Pre-digitized fonts
True Type Fonts

Lettering System with True-Type Fonts

The lettering system can use the true-type fonts installed in your computer and the thousands of fonts available online.

Embroidery designs with texts can be created in seconds by simply entering the characters, choosing the font and selecting the desidered fill style.

Stitch Editing

In addition to object editing where the software automatically generates the stitches for the shapes (area or line); you can individually edit each stitch:

  • change the stitch type
  • move stitch end
  • delete stitches
  • add stitches
  • etc

It also offers advanced tools to work with blocks of stitches and to convert the stitches of imported machine format designs into embroidery objects.

Stitch Editing
Available System Components

System Components

System components, like fill patterns, special stitches, fonts, monograms, motifs, etc. are key building blocks at the time to create embroidery designs.

Embroidery Office includes hundreds of pre-defined components created by expert designers and you can also extend the standard components library with more components optionally available.

Some software configurations also allow the creation of new custom components

Powerful Fill Pattern Editor

The pattern editor is an included tool to create new types of patterns to fill areas with stitches.

You can create custom fill patterns in seconds, and then use them in different designs as much as required.

Pattern 2
Sharing Components

Share Components Created by the User

The designs and components you create can be easily shared among multiple workstations.

For example, an user can create a new fill pattern and other users with the same software installed on other remote computers can access these components automatically.

Branching Embroidery Objects

Embroidery Office allows you to connect several embroidery objects and define a single starting and ending point for the whole group.

The software will automatically decide the stitches sequence and produce the required paths between those objects.

Photo Stitching


Embroidery designs from pictures or portraits can be created in a few seconds.

The basic Photo-Stitching usage does not require to digitize any object. However, you can also use Photo-Stitch as a fill type for a an area object you have previously digitized.

Availability of mentioned features may depend on the software level or configuration. For further details about the features included in each software level or configuration, please check the product comparison section or ask your software vendor.