Solutions for the Apparel Decoration Business

Outstanding Features

  • View a realistic simulation of the design on the screen while you work.
  • Work on multiple embroidery designs simultaneously.
  • Import machine formats designs for editing.
  • Export designs in compatible file formats.
  • Modify stitches, colors, blocks, sequences, size, etc.
  • Custom designs with multi-colorful lettering without any digitizing.
  • Create your own embroidery designs with full quality control.
  • Change shapes and properties (editing objects) of designs.

Functionally compatible with professional software

What does a software as subscription mean?

Instead of purchasing a regular software product (perpetual license) at a very high cost, you can purchase a subscription (temporary license) of a similar software product which cost is a small fraction of the regular software product.

When you buy 1 (one) subscription of Stitch Era Universal, you receive 2 (two) licenses to use the software (software for 2 workstations) for the time of the subscription.

Compare Perpetual License vs. Subscription License

Perpetual License (PL)

Traditionally software vendors have licensed their software with a Perpetual Licensing model where the customers pay for the software usage license in advance.

The original license fee usually covers the cost of some software enhancements for a limited time. Some vendors offer an annual maintenance or simply version upgrades (at a fee) when new versions are launched.

Shortly, in a Perpetual License you pay an endless license and you keep the right to use it "forever", “as it is”.

This is the most common way of purchasing software products: the buyer gets a perpetual license to use the software (unlimited in time, under the terms of the user license).

The software product includes the installation CD, the dongle (software protection device), the installation guide and a perpetual license to use. This product does not require permanent Internet connection.

Subscription License (SL)

The Subscription Licensing model is actually becoming more frequently used for software licensing.

It is generally a monthly usage fee (or a fee for a specific period of time). Subscription licensing includes software updates and also new versions as they become available.

Shortly, in a Subscription License you pay a monthly (or yearly) subscription and you have the right to use it for that period of time, and if you don't renew the license is no longer valid.

Through the Subscription you are not buying software but the right to use it for a limited time (usually 1 month). It is as simple as downloading the software from Internet (shipping is not required) and installing it.

At the end of the subscription period, the user can decide whether to renew it or not. Subscription requires that the computer has a permanent Internet connection while using the software.