Buy 1 Get 2

Double it today!
Buy 1 subscription of any edition of Stitch Era Universal and 2 software licenses of the same product during the same subscription time. Limited time promotion
Software as subscription offers similar features and performance compared to some advanced and expensive standard software products at a very low monthly cost.

1Get & Play

The software configuration of the demonstration is Stitch Era Universal Express Edition (lowest level)

1. Ask a software to try

2. Install your demo

3. Use it for a week

Use the software as a trial for a week. If you are satisfied with the features, performance, quality, general result and compatibility with your machines, then go to the next step.


1. Read the features of each software edition and compare them

2. Purchase a subscription: select software edition and subscription time.

The serial number of your software demo will be required


Approximately 30 minutes after you purchase a subscription plan, your trial software will get the features of the subscription (software configuration and subscription time).

You can use the software until the subscription time ends. If you want to continue using the software after the subscription expires, you can renew it.