Solutions for the Apparel Decoration Business

Follow these steps

1 Does the software include the features you are looking for?

Read about the features of Stitch Era Universal in this website (Features section), check the file format compatibility with your embroidery machine in this website (Compatibility section), compare the software levels in this website (Compare section). Decide if Stitch Era Universal is the software application you want.

2 Do you understand how subscriptions work?

Sierra Software offers products on different licensing modes (perpetual license, subscription license, etc.). Read about the subscription licensing mode in this website (overview section). Decide if subscription is the licensing mode you prefer.

3 Does your computer satisfy the minimum system requirements?

Read about the computer and operating system requirements for Stitch Era Universal in this website (Requirements section). The performance of the software may depend on the computer specifications & other requirements. Note that a permanent internet connection is a requirement.

4 Is this the first time with Stitch Era Universal?

If this is the first time, we suggest to try the software first (GET, bellow). The trial software is Stitch Era Universal Express edition (lower level). You will be able to use SEU/X for a very limited time, to evaluate if you like it (interface, easy to use, basic & advanced features, etc.). After testing it, you can subscribe to any Stitch Era Universal level (SUBSCRIBE, below).

5 Did you already use Stitch Era Universal?

If you have been using Stitch Era Universal for a while, you can renew your subscription (RENEW, below) for a new period of time. In this way, you don’t need to install the product again, as you will keep the same serial number (of the trial software, or the previous subscription)