Solutions for the Apparel Decoration Business

Software Features


User Interface

  •   New Office 2007 Style, Full Contextual Ribbon Bars
  •   MDI (multiple design documents)
  •   Embroidery Simulation on Workspace
  •   Navigation Bar, Stitch Visibility, Slow Redraw
  •   Show / Hide Objects Layers
  •   Document Map View, Tree Style
  •   Graphic Browsers: Designs/Embroidery, Images, etc

Expanded Stitch by Stitch Editing

  •  Select Stitch by click
  •  Move, Delete, Add Stitches (w & w/o compensation)
  •  Add, Delete, Edit Machine Commands
  •  Select Block by Color, Start/End Point, Contour
  •  Select Block by Object Recognition (RS, ZZ, Pattern)
  •  Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete Blocks
  •  Move, Rotate, Scale Blocks

Advanced Lettering

  •  Advanced Lettering: Multi-Line Text, Multi-Color Text
  •  Text from Pre-Digitized Embroidery Fonts
  •  Text from True Type Fonts (Standard Stitch Types)
  •  Edit Text Fill Adjustments & Compensations
  •  Custom Text Layouts: Arcs, Stair, Elastic Box, etc
  •  Move & Resize Individual Letters
  •  Produce Monogram Design

Digitizing Modes

  •  Standard/ Manual Digitizing (arcs & beziers)
  •  Geometric & Auto-Shapes, Sizeable & Editable
  •  Instant Digitizing on Vector Figures
  •  Auto-Trace on Raster Images Regions
  •  Auto-Digitizing: Pattern Fill
  •  Adv. Auto-Digitizing: Running, ZigZag & Patterns
  •  Photo-Stitching (B&W + Color)

Input Methods & Fill Stitches

  •  Path w/ Manual & Running Stitches
  •  Path w/ Zig Zag, E, EE, SQ
  •  Path w/ Programmable Stitches
  •  Column w/ Zig Zag, E, EE, SQ
  •  Column w/ Elastic Uniform & Graphic Patterns
  •  Column w/ Elastic Programmable Stitches
  •  Area w/ Uniforms & Graphic Patterns
  •  Area w/ Programmable Stitches
  •  Area w/ Applique
  •  Area w/ Zig Zag, E, EE, SQ Stitches
  •  Area w/ Elastic Uniform & Graphic Patterns
  •  Area w/ Elastic Programmable Stitches

Fill Stitches Adjustments & Effects

  •  Material: Select Stitch Settings by Fabric
  •  Underlay Stitches & Settings, Types
  •  Pull Compensation & Settings
  •  Short Stitches Settings for Sharp Curves
  •  Corner Types & Auto-Corner for Zig Zag
  •  Jagged Edges (randomize border)
  •  Color Grading & Blending
  •  Sweep Stitches Angle on Path Zig-Zag
  •  Path Ends, Termination Shapes
  •  Path Width: Variable Width & Width Modulation

Wireframe Editing of Object Blocks

  •  Select Block by Color, Rectangle, Freehand
  •  Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete Block of Objects
  •  Resize, Rotate, Mirror Block of Objects
  •  Repeat Block of Objects (dup, circle, grid, path)
  •  Alignment of a Block of Objects
  •  Group Block of Objects (handle together)
  •  Block of Objects Branching (connect objects)